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...And Then The Day Came

Dotted Border Tutorial

Dallas Arboretum

Just Beyond My View

The Long Walk To Leave

Along the way...

Chicken Soup

Thoughts From Behind the Wheel

Roadside Rest

Now YOU ~ Trust YOU


Instagramish ~ Dreamy

Awaiting Docking Instructions

Instagramish ~ Water

Instagramish ~ Something Borrowed

Instagramish ~ Something Blue

Instagramish ~ Something Pretty


Country Road...Take Me Home

White Church on the Hill ~ Hornitos, California

The Box

Pueblo Dog ~ Taos, New Mexico

Cloud and Pueblo

Dreaming of Winter

Looking For Home

Taos Pueblo, NM in Black and White

Taos Pueblo, New Mexico

Color Storyboard

Seeing Your Gifts

Wish You Were Here...

Pueblo in Black and White

Little Flower

Book Spine Poetry

Mt. Timpanogos



Life Elevated

6-Word Memoir

I love you!

In The Right Light

Honoring Life's Light


Living Full or Frantically

Bravely Bold

Sit gently...In quiet places...And rest awhile...

Life Does Not Have to Be Perfect

Now You...

RV Park Flowers ~ Revisited

Plantation Blossom

Ask Yourself This Question