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Day 50 ~ Beyond Layers

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This assignment was very difficult for me. We were to capture the place we live...not our house or yard, but our geographical space...what we cherish about where we're planted on this planet. Had I been living in Utah, this project would have been simple...a quick drive to points southeast where red sand and rock fill one's view or to one of the many spots in Utah County I came to love because of time spent with family on picnics and long summer evening drives through the mountainside.

Right now, I can't quite identify what makes Texas my home or what I've seen that I have intense feelings for, (I love my husband enough to leave Utah!) but what I can say is that I'm amazed how I can see across the landscape...dotted with trees, undulating land forms, and a baby blue sky filled with white fluffy clouds. Without mountains to obscure my view...I can see forever! For many days, while Danna drove me back and forth to Roanoke, I kept my eye on the countryside...watching, looking, imagining, and all the while taking quick snapshots in my mind of the scenes before me and committing them to memory. Nothing inspired me. On several occasions I got in the jeep and drove some of the lesser traveled roads nearby and still could not find anything to spark my creativity.

I refused to skip this assignment and I could not move forward with the others until this one was completed. One early morning I took a walk, with my camera this time and not just my eyes, to the park behind the house where we're staying until our house is ready to move into. The air was already hot and heavy, and my skin became moist immediately. The green space at the park is at the mercy of the rain for it's nourishment so every footstep crushed the delicate blades of grass that were still standing. Crunch, crunch, crunch...I walked as carefully as I could toward the concrete path. I thought, "Well, this is as good as it's going to get...I have to find something now!" 

The sun was just coming up and its light began to erase the color from the sky. I snapped a few pictures and wandered a bit aimlessly along the trail. At long last, I noticed a clearing in the woods beginning to fill with light. As sunbeams filtered through the leaves, I sat my tripod down, attached the camera, and took this shot. You see, even if you haven't found the perfect place or "perfect" whatever you're looking for...one can always find something good in the moment. On this day, I captured my second sun flare!



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