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Liberate Your Art 2017 ~ Side Swap

Here we are at the end of Liberate Your Art 2017. I do look forward to sharing something I've created during the year in the form of a postcard...sent out randomly looking for a new home. As postcards arrive at my home, in my neck of the woods, I welcome them like old friends and I try to take them to places they may not have ever seen and photograph them there. I hope the artists who sent their postcards out into the world get to see a glimpse of where they landed.

As things wind up and everyday life takes over, I'm afraid I'm unable to take the beautiful side swap postcards out and about to photograph them, but here they are in all their glory...the photo taken on a little table in my workroom inside a frame my daughter gave me.

The postcard top left is from Sheila Delgado. I've admired her artwork for such a long time and I'm thrilled to have one of her postcards. Thank you Sheila and I will continue to share my art.

Top right is a postcard from Patsy Lawrence. I l…

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