Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Big Magic

Having a tough day...5 months living in a 25 foot trailer (and counting), Texas heat gaining strength, sick basset, even thoughts that I've wasted 4 years of my life here in Texas, but then I read the following from Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert...

She's talking about the time she spent writing "The Signature of All Things" and how there's good and bad in everything. 

 "...I'd had a thrilling intellectual and emotional experience writing The Signature of All Things--and the merits of that creative adventure were mine to keep forever. Those four years of my life had been wonderfully well spent. When I finished that novel, it was not a perfect thing, but I still felt it was the best work I'd ever done, and I believed I was a far better writer than before I began it. I would not trade a minute of that encounter for anything."

I know as time approaches for me to leave Texas, having struggled here about so many things...I know I'll take with me some wonderful experiences...memories of the expansive horizon that is Texas...so rich in color and light, landscapes lush and green, and landscapes desert dry and flat, old and failing Texas towns where the spirits of bygone days fill the air, and where every Texan stands to sing "Deep In The Heart of Texas" at a Rangers game.

I am better now having written this and my perspective is altered. Bittersweet leaving this place, there are people I love here...but it's time to go home.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Planting Flowers

I had a lot of fun setting this still life up...I love playing in the dirt. I used Kim Klassen's preset kk Air with a few tweaks of my own. 

Sometimes I Read...

More practice with Still Life Photography. This image was processed with one of Kim Klassen's presets and one of her textures. The texture is called Cool Grunge and it's become one of my favorites. I do wonder why the color of images changes so much between one application and another. I notice some purple tones here where on Facebook and Flickr there are non. 

My take on this image is this...I like the composition and texture, but I tend set things up in such a structured way. I love straight lines...my house is full of them, but I would like to be a bit more fluid in how I put things together. I'm at the beginning of my Still Life journey so I hope to make some inroads in that direction. This might be clue to my personality...I need to let go. I don't need or want to control everything.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lost in Space

Fort Griffin ~ Texas

I love empty barren places as I can create my own stories about life on the prairie. In these places, one is surrounded by silence broken only by the sound of the wind and flutter of wings as a foot step startles birds into flight. In these places, life must have been difficult and the land harsh and unforgiving. And from where I stood, I imagined a lonely existence for those who came before me...in this place.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bluebonnet Hill

Bluebonnets are abundant this year with all the rain we've had. This photo was taken last year near Ennis, Texas. I wasn't able to the Bluebonnet fields this time, but I wanted to share and offer my contribution to the thousands of Bluebonnet images being posted everywhere. 


Things found in my Mother's garden.
I actually brought this little board home with me. I found it buried under her Camellia plant and river rock fills in and around the granite she lives on. The flower is from the bouquet a friend gave her before her surgery. An image similar to this one was posted on Instagram and was taken with my iPhone. I used my big camera on this shot.