Day 56 ~ Beyond Layers

Our Day 56 assignment was to work with text on our images and Kim Klassen taught how to manipulate the text into circles and other shapes. However, Photoshop Elements 9 does not have the capability to do it so I took notes for a later time when I upgrade to Photoshop CS6. For now, I'll use this image and text as the completion of my homework. To tell the truth, this image was captured accidentally while adjusting my camera for another shot. I like the abstract nature of it and I think it still resembles a sidewalk.

You may have noticed I have skipped Day 55. I will be going back to it. The subject matter was..."Trust You!" I have an idea of how to proceed with the assignment and was planning on beginning today, but because of some unforeseen trouble with the air conditioning unit at the house we're staying at...and boy is it hot in here...I've put it off for another day!


  1. Suzette,
    You do incredible work. I was very inspired by your imagery and your creative post-processing. I'm so glad we found each other, here in cyber-space. I'll be following along on your journey.

    Your new fan,

  2. Love it Suzette! So true.
    Lisa F


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