Thoughts From Behind the Wheel

Just the other day while driving, with my GPS to guide me in this new found place, I thought about where I am in life and all its challenges. I can remember very clearly reflecting on where I am (Texas) and the voice in my head saying, "you left your handicapped son and his little wife in Utah to pursue your own LIFE." It's the one crushing feeling I have over and over...guilt I suppose in regards to following Danna to Dallas for his new job. At the age of 62, I still don't have a handle on my thoughts and feelings. I remember thinking..."I'm 62 years old...when am I going to figure this out? Did I make the right decision leaving them behind?"

Talmudic Adage said, "All the world is a narrow bridge, and the most important thing is not to be afraid." I do believe nothing happens by accident. Life's lessons come to us in many ways. I try to remember when a new challenge is given to me...take a deep breath, get ready for a new adventure, live in the NOW, and try to be unafraid.

I keep a close watch on Casey and Leita from afar. I'm a phone call away. My daughter, Jill who is a full time student with 4 children she's raising on her own, has taken it upon herself to check in on them and help when she can {a twinge of guilt here}, but all of us will benefit from this experience...most importantly...Casey and Leita who will learn to become a bit more self-sufficient. The difficult task now is to believe what I've just written.

Jill, if you ever read this...thank you for all you do on Casey and Leita's behalf. You are an amazing young woman...your life will be blessed because of time spent with the less fortunate! ~ mom


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