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I've chosen this image for my August Photo-Heart Connection. I worked on it a long time and let it sit on my computer for probably two weeks before posting it to flickr today. 

I took a quick trip to Littleton, Colorado for a four-day weekend on August 9th. I hadn't really planned on daughter, Emily, asked me over and over to come for a visit. I didn't feel like I could go as we were still living in limbo waiting for the construction of our house to be completed and then there's the two basset hounds to consider...there's no way they could be left in their crates for the length of time my husband would be away at work. 

 When I got a call from my oldest daughter, Jill, who is a full time student with four children, saying she had a short break between semesters at Utah Valley University and was making plans to visit Emily...and would be bringing her children, I knew I would move mountains to get myself to Colorado for a visit. 

We had a wonderful time together...Jill and her four children and Emily, Jared and their three little girls. One afternoon we drove to Mt. Falcon for a picnic and hike. I took several pictures along the way and chased down skipping children and herded the stragglers on our way back to the car. As I took on the roll of "caboose" I could watch cousins laughing and playing along the trail, little girl's ponytails swinging back and forth, rocks being kicked and thrown down the hillside by little boys, tired ones hanging on the backs of parents, and the lone child refusing to take another step. And for just a moment, I caught a glimpse of my two girls as they were so many years ago when they used to walk on the path in front of me.

Something that always catches my eye while hiking is the line along the horizon. I'm fascinated by it...the way the land cuts across the sky, and the less cluttered the line, the more I like it, which is why desert landscapes seem to..."fill up my senses." The pieces of this image are actually from one photograph. The segments have been rearranged. With the photo cut up like this, I can ponder each bit of skyline separately. 

As I write, I still can't quite put my finger on why I have such an intense attachment to this image...maybe it's as simple as a reminder of a day spent with daughters or maybe it's that line along the horizon and what may lie beyond it.


  1. I absolutely LOVE what you have done with this photograph. You have turned it into a triptych that could be a painting. I want to walk up that road, to see what lies over that horizon, and where those birds are flying to. It's beautiful, and when you add to that the memories of the time spent with your daughters, I can see why it calls to your heart.

  2. What a lovely outing you had with all your sweet grandchildren and daughters.
    I know what you mean about the fascination of beautiful horizons. I'd love to see yours in its natural state with the colours of nature and the colour of the sky. You have transformed that scene into a painting or a sketch. Cutting it into three separate parts is an interesting thing to do!
    P.S. your word verification is very difficult to decipher. This is my third try. Sandra

  3. I am in awe of the imagination that created this image. The post-processing is stunning - turning a simple scene into a wonderful painting, with a soft and subtle color palette. But the genius was in the re-arranging of the pieces/parts so that we are jolted out of the everyday and forced to look again. It is one of those "gosh-I-wish-I-had-thought-of-that" moments for me. I may have to copy from you - giving you full credit of course for the idea :) Thank you for sharing such a unique image and your story of its creation.

  4. You make me want to pay more attention to horizons. I suppose you would enjoy the one I see at the beach-clear and uncluttered save a passing boat.
    Love the way you've put this together, it is so well done. I may steal this reordering an image creation. I think it would be a great technique. Have a great day.

  5. Must be great to have them together and see and feel the joy...

  6. Love your photo, you have created a wonderful mosaic. I loved reading your post, such a wonderful photo-heart connection xx

  7. I adore what you have done here...the creation of the triptych, the is very arresting and beautiful...

  8. I love your photo processing! There's such a peace about them! Lovely photo and lovely post! I, too, am a grandmother and I love bringing up the rear as I can watch all of my famiy!!

  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous photographic art. You've deconstructed and reconstructed it into something new and that touches us all deeply. I can see why it resonates with you! Even if you can't put your finger on exactly why you love, there is so much there, supporting your connection. Thank you for sharing your image and words this month in the Photo-Heart Connection.


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