6-Word Memoir

I'm going to include other things that come to mind here in my blog along with my "Beyond Layers" thoughts and images. 

As some of you may know, we've been living in a trailer surrounded by open fields outside the boundaries of the park. With all this rural space comes bugs and lots of them. We've been overrun with grasshoppers. There have been so many that they've eaten all the leaves off one nearby tree and when we step out of the trailer, hordes of grasshoppers fly and jump away resembling streams of water sent out by a sprinkler head. 

The bassets have had a field day chasing them and eating them...gross...and now, the bugs have been poisoned and dead carcasses litter the ground. I am now picking up dead grasshoppers so the pups don't eat toxic waste. 

As I took my walk today, I thought of a 6-word memoir. Here it is:

Grasshopper carcasses strewn, poisoned I fear.


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