Seeing Your Gifts

Day 48 ~ Beyond Layers

Kim and Myriam talked about the gifts each of us has that go unnoticed. While Kim was visiting Myriam in California, a Mother's Day picnic was being prepared by Myriam. Kim, the photographer she is, grabbed her camera and started taking pictures of Myriam's hands as she whirled about the kitchen gathering the makings for three salads...beets, shallots, potatoes, peas and herbs. As Kim leaned in to show Myriam the images she'd captured, Myriam was amazed at how beautiful her hands looked in preparing the meal. Myriam is a wonderful cook and has the talent of knowing which flavor profiles work together. She never thought of this as a gift until she saw her hands in the photographs.

This lesson is a reminder to appreciate the things we offer up everyday and to not take them for granted. It's so easy to beat up on one's self instead of recognizing what an impact the touch of a hand has in preparing meals, wiping a tear, a gentle caress on a loved ones shoulder, a pat of a dog's head, the reach for a child's hand, and how all of this sustains life...simple, peaceful, healthful, loving, nurturing, constant, and forgiving. 

We, as human beings, are amazing creatures...will we ever be conscious of the gifts we truly possess? I hope so, but the world will not praise us for our abilities...we must acknowledge our innate talents, give them a voice, and embrace and honor them ourselves!

Be happy dear loved ones!


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