Roadside Rest

Day 58 ~ Beyond Layers

Day 58's lesson was about painting with light. Kim Klassen explained a technique to add light to specific parts of an image. Here I added light to some of the geraniums. 

While driving home from Estes Park, Colorado my daughter, Emily, and I stopped by a little roadside fruitstand. Their specialty...cherries. Everything in, on, or around the building was painted red and white. There were several white chairs sitting next to wine barrels filled with red geraniums and behind the stand, a creek filled with splashing whitewater raced down the canyon. Even though there was noise from the road and a lot of shoppers buying cherry this-and-that, it was a nice diversion on our way back to Littleton, Colorado.


  1. Beautiful - red and white is such a lovely combination. I like the feeling of invitation - come sit awhile in this peaceful place.


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