Chicken Soup

Day 60 ~ Beyond Layers

Kim Klassen's lesson was about using scripted text on images. To be honest, we're still living out of several boxes and I'm not finding many of my things...the garage is still full of boxes, so I didn't take the time to get a shot of something more appropriate for the use of script. I've been wanting to work on this photo of one of my daughter's chickens so I thought...what the heck. The image itself isn't the best...out-of-focus because I was trying to capture the bird through the chicken wire, but I do like the composition and how the chicken fills the frame. I also like the geometric shapes created by the chicken wire. The scripted text is visible, but only creates an unusual texture affect.


  1. Love the deep golden color of the feathers and the beautiful texture created by the fencing and the script.


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