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Day 35 ~ Beyond Layers

Kim's lesson for today was about "Pattern" play. She gave us a website called Subtle Patterns dot com where we could download hundreds of patterns at one time. She also gave us instructions on how to load them into Photoshop Elements so they'll be easily accessed when we want to use them again. Photoshop Elements comes with a lot of patterns already built in, but these subtle patterns are delicate and can provide interest in an image. 

Just the other day, the UPS truck pulled up out in front of the trailer, and the man dressed in brown handed me a box of Stargazer Lilies. Needless to say...I was thrilled. It was just what the doctor ordered and Danna, my husband, is my hero! Since their arrival, the trailer is filled with that sweet scent only Stargazers can give. I took this photo as the buds began to open, not really planning on using them for Kim Klassen's class, but they really came in handy. 

Texture has not been added to this image. I used one of the patterns I downloaded from subtlepatterns.com and I applied it to the whole image, which created a bit of a hazy look and it adjusted the color a bit. I tried one of the other techniques she showed us using patterns and viola...the little heart was created. I topped it off with a bit of text and added the frame.

My Beyond Layers class has taught me so much. There are a few lessons I haven't completed...lessons about self portraits and taking chances. Before the end of the course I plan on taking a chance in doing a self portrait. I can't wait to see what happens!


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