Day 39 and Day 40 Beyond Layers

The assignments for these two days were actually a week long each with multiple assignments for each week. The first week we were asked to find quotes related to a word Kim Klassen gave us. I decided to just do one assignment related to Day 39 as I'm so far behind. 

On Day 40 we were to make "leap" lists...a list of things we'd like to do if we had no fear and we were challenged to "just do it" and Kim gave us some tips and tricks on how to cross-process an image. This was new to me and I learned a lot. 

The image I created combines Day 39 and Day 40...This quote was sent to me by my mom for Danna and my anniversary and the image was processed as Kim instructed. I did add a texture.

As far as creating a leap list right now...I'm afraid I'm in free fall! When I land, I'm going to summon all the courage I have to take a Photoshop a classroom, with other people, and a live instructor, and write a leap list. I'm keeping a positive thought!


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