Spring Break 2008 Day 1

We arrived here yesterday in Cannonville, Utah.  We have no cell service, but do have the Internet.  So, I'm hoping al is well with all of you.

We got here at 
5:00 pm yesterday evening, took a short walk, made dinner, and read until 10:00 pm.  I burned the chocolate chip cookies, as the trailer oven isn't very sophisticated.  The oven warmed the trailer and the smell of burnt chocolate wasn't all that unpleasant.  We planned on cleaning the trailer while we're here hooked up to water and electricity, which hasn't happened yet.  We slept longer than we usually do before waking at 9:30 am.  Since then, and it's 1:19 pm in the afternoon, all we've accomplished is breakfast of cold cereal, a walk through the two block town of Cannonville, Lunch and this short email I am writing.  It is good to just sit.  The sky is vibrant blue, the sun warm on my skin, a cool breeze blowing the yellow KOA flag (I can hear it flutter)...and, birds are singing.  I had hoped for 70-degree weather---it isn't going to happen.  there are a few trees here in blossom, all white, but leaves are still in tight little nubs on the trees.  (Danna is asleep in the chair next to me).  There are only 3 campers in this park.

The Mossy Cave trailhead is just a few miles west of here.  It is a very short hike I guess and is located inside Bryce National Park through a back door canyon.  We'll take that hike this afternoon and windows and floor may not get done today.

Grilled port chops are on our menu for this evening's meal.  We will bake sweet potatoes to go along with the pork and make a green salad.  Yes, we have Uncle Dan's salad dressing and applesauce.  Dessert will be chocolate chip cookies again as we're really trying to get rid of them.  For those of you who don't know, I bought 80 chocolate chip frozen dough cookies.  Each frozen dollop is 4 ounces of cookie dough.  The cookies are huge when they're baked.  Every person I go visit, I take 12 of them with me with instructions how to bake them.  My hips can only take so much.

Tomorrow we'll be headed down Highway 12  in search of trailheads.  For sure we will hike Calf Creek Falls and the caretaker here as recommended a few slot canyon hikes. YIKES!  We'll see about those.  The coolest day forecasted is Wednesday.  I think we'll drive all the way over Boulder, UT.  I guess there is a fabulous restaurant there open for lunch and dinner.

Take care everyone and I'll send more notes from the road...

Love to all of you,

Mom & Danna


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