Motorcycles & Daycare Day5

June 30, 2008

Sunday morning arrived and Emily and Jared were on their way home.  For Jill, Robyn, Ben, Noah and me, it would be our last day in Littleton, Colorado.  And if you know anything about me and's LaMar's Donuts!  You must never leave the state of Colorado without a visit to LaMar's.  They make the best donuts!  So, baths were put off to a later time, naps were skipped and off we went to donut heaven.

It's hard not to cause a major disturbance when you enter any establishment with 5 children.  I can't tell you how many times the gentleman behind the counter offered Windex and paper towels to us so we could clean the glass on the donut case.  We bought a giant box of donuts and with a sight of relief, the donut maker was glad we chose to eat outside on the patio.  

The day flew by as relief was on its way with Emily and Jared on their way home.  We took the kids to the neighborhood park and before we could gather everyone up and walk home, Emily and Jared appeared, still dressed in black leather, looking like any biker you see on the road...windblown, hot, dusty, and tired from their 1500 plus miles on their Harley.  Carly didn't know what to think when she saw her parents and Devyn just smiled.  All was well on West Capri Avenue in Littleton, Colorado.

We went to dinner at Casa Bonita...I shall say no more, except the next time Robyn goes to dinner there she'll be taking her own children.  Robyn is 8.

I had gotten used to sweet hugs and kisses from Devyn and Carly so it was hard to watch them being put to bed once again by their parents.  I went upstairs to say good night and little arms beckoned me to come close.  It is amazing how love can encompass so many people, especially grandchildren.

At the end of the day, Jill, Emily and I were sitting downstairs, our only light coming from the kitchen behind us.  The house was still and quiet.  What happened next shall remain a vivid memory for me and will be held in my heart forever. For 20 minutes or so, I sat with my two children...mother and daughters-laughing until we cried.  I don't recall what we talked about or laughed about, but the feeling of peace and safety and having everyone where they belonged was perfect; a feeling from the distant past of children home from school, tucked safe and sound in bed, a kiss on their forehead and knowing all was right with the world.  If there is such a thing as "bliss" I felt it and wished I could hold on to it forever.


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