Motorcycles & Daycare Day4

June 29, 2008

Again, after baths and morning naps we headed out to the Denver Aquarium on day 4 of our trip.  Carly, upon seeing where we were going, gestured and spoke in her language about the aquarium.  She was more than excited to be there as she had been several times.  When we arrived, bubbles filled the air and everyone went running towards their source. With tickets purchased, we joined the other hundreds of people visiting there that day.

Now, I'm pretty sure there isn't a contest to see how fast you can get through the aquarium especially on a Saturday, but we would have won. With 2 kids on foot it was a race from one window to another both of them yelling "Look at this!" My head was spinning.  I navigated through the crowd of people with a two-seater stroller while Jill tried to keep up with Robyn and Ben.  It seemed strange to find Tigers in an aquarium and a fabulous flash flood exhibit, but there they were.  I especially enjoyed the flash flood with it's red rock spires and arches.  It seemed we had been transported back to Utah in an instant.

By the end of our run through the aquarium, Carly had lost it, Jill was feeding Sting Rays and the gift shop was about to feel our presence.  Children can look at everything and touch at least half of it.  We made it back to the car with two tired toddlers and we headed home.

Once home, children were fed and bed time approached.  When everyone was settled in, I went to the Olive Garden and picked up dinner for me and Jill.  The temperature outside was cool and there was a soft breeze blowing.  We ate dinner on the front porch and visited until dark.  It's not often I get one-on-one time with my daughters.  I went to bed that evening remembering the times when daughters were young and many hours were spent in conversations and laughter.  At the end of the day, I was grateful for my relationship with child, mother of three, and wife of Jacob. 


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