Spring Break 2008 Day 2

First, I must mention that the hike to Mossy Cave was just beautiful.  I tried to send pictures but with this slow internet it just wouldn’t work. 

The rock formations along the hike are reminiscent of the red spires in Bryce National Park.  There aren’t as many of them and they are a bit more “up close and personal.”  If you remember the color of the rock, orange, yet almost pink—try to remember how the blue of the sky is such a contract to the salmon rock.  Where there were holes in the rock, the sky looked as if it was a blue liquid puddle floating in the opening.  It was amazing.  The cave itself was really just an outcropping of red sandstone.  There was dark black green moss underneath and to our surprise we found stalagmites of ice the color of glaciers.  It was so unexpected to find ice in the desert.

Dinner went well.  The sweet potatoes are always wonderful and Danna does a wonderful job cooking outdoors. And I didn’t burn the cookies this time.  It got so late though that we didn’t eat them until lunch today.

Which brings me to TODAY…  We got up much earlier and had cereal and fruit for breakfast again.  The cold cereal is just about gone now so oatmeal and one day of bacon and eggs is what we have to look forward to.  Danna packed our packs with water and granola bars, we put on our hiking shoes and hit the road.

I think I mentioned before that the caretaker had suggested a slot canyon to hike in.  We stopped by the visitor center to get more information, as the trailhead of the hike is located in the new national monument here.  We found out the hike would begin 6 miles down a red dirt road that was sandy in places but for the most part an easy drive.  We arrived at the trailhead, Willis Creek, and began walking.

It is a very short hike 2.2 miles one way through a yellow sandstone canyon.  The canyon narrowed in spots but wasn’t a size 10 slot canyon.  I would guess the smallest distance between cliff wall and cliff wall was 3 feet so I was not as nervous as I thought I might be.  The slots at Little Wild Horse canyon are only as wide as your shoe at the bottom of the canyon—that hike does bother me some; or a lot if I’m being honest. 

The creek running through the canyon is only a few inches deep and about a yard wide, except in places where the creek takes a tumble over large boulders where deep pools have been carved out by years and years of erosion as the water hits the porous stone.  Because of the depth of the creek water it looked like a silver ribbon winding its way between t

he rocks and its course changed every time it bumped into the cliff wall.  I would send pictures if the Internet would allow me.  Just imagine us jumping back and forth over the water all the way down canyon and all the way back.

We’ve finished lunch and we may drive to Grosvenor Arch.  If you remember, it is down past Kodachrome Basin State Park on another red dirt road.  (Jared, there are so many scenic backways down here where you need 4WD and high clearance…you would just love it.)

Dinner tonight will consist of spaghetti, garlic bread, and green salad, and, of course, chocolate chip cookies!

Tomorrow we’re headed to Calf Creek Falls to hike.  Danna will finally see a little more of Highway 12 and how fabulous this part of the world is.

Love to you all!

Mom and Danna

PS. Very windy now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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