Spring Break 2008 Day 3

Good afternoon everyone...

The wind is howling and dust fills the air.  The hike at Calf Creek Falls was fun.  The sky was blue this morning when we set out to Calf Creek State Park.  While hiking, the wind picked up and blew us down the trail.  Red rock canyons provided some relief from the wind, but as hours past the wind blew harder and harder. As I write, the trailer is rocking side to side.  (Don’t come knockin’ when the trailer’s a rockin’)  The trail to Calf Creek Falls is red sand and very dry.  I would never consider this hike as a beautiful one--the destination is beautiful, but the trail is not.  It's a 3-mile hike one way and in full sun.  If you look on the Navajo sandstone cliffs you'll find remnants of a Fremont Indian civilization.  There are grainaries high on the cliff walls and pictographs in the Fremont style of rock art. 

Once you arrive at the waterfall you’re glad you put one foot in front of the other.  In that very hot dry canyon you find an oasis.  The water falls 126 feet to an emerald pool.  This time of year with snow melt high in the nearby mountains, the falls cascade to the pool in white foam waves spreading across the sandstone cliff.  Because of the wind today, mist filled the box canyon and cooled everyone gathered there.  There is green moss from top to bottom on the right side of the falls where the sunlight hits the rock.  Green leaves are budding on all of the trees in the warm climate—just a hint of what will take place in Provo in a few weeks.

We ate lunch back at the trailhead.  The wind sounded like a freight train passing on tracks nearby.  The wind would come in waves of loud noise.  Many people are camping there in tents.  Tonight will be a wild ride for them.

Dinner will consist of barbecued chicken, broccoli and rice.  And, chocolate chip cookies! 

Tomorrow will be a cold day, about 53 degrees.  We’re planning a drive to Boulder where we can visit an old Anasazi ruin.  We’ll be in no hurry and if we have time we may drive all the way to Capital Reef National Park.  There’s rumor of a fabulous restaurant in Boulder so, if it’s open, we’ll have lunch or dinner there depending on how far we go and how late it gets.  Thursday, we may try a hike in Bryce National Park. 

Provo School District is taking down their website tomorrow.  I’m writing you through that site.  If I can’t write tomorrow, I’ll catch you up on Thursday.

Well, it’s time to make dinner and wipe up the sand that is filling the trailer.

Love to you all!

Mom and Danna


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