Still Life ~ Four

My take on this image...

I'm still working on finding the best place for the focus point as well as determining what aperture to use to create just enough blur in the background. The other thing I need to do is "step back." I'm not allowing enough wiggle room to crop the image. From my perspective, in order to save the composition of the photo, I needed to crop it square. Maybe I'm trying to fill the frame to much. Anyway, a work in progress. 

The image below is a full (almost) focus of my setup. I did find a lightweight table and purchased a few more props. The only problem...we have narrow doorways in our home so I can barely get it in and out of the room it's stored in. But I love the table so I'll just mutter under my breath when moving the thing.

Take care and thanks for reading...


  1. I like that you are sharing your thoughts on your image and what you take away from each session. I like the square crop and the way you have filled the frame. Beautiful composition and selection of elements. If this is the level of work you are doing at the very beginning of the course, I can't wait to see where you end up.


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