Still Life ~ Five

My take on this image...

My top down flower...first attempt. I used some of the techniques Kim taught about importing images into LR and using the quick develop module. I used the kk Litely preset and then added two of Kim's textures...Peacock and Deco. In order to find good light, I took the props outside and sat them on the's freezing here today...being barefooted was not such a great idea. 

I think the aperture I chose created a little too much blur here, but I did change the camera settings while working on this shoot. I have a habit composing the shot in the viewfinder and I'm not noticing the slight changes in DOF so I'm not quite getting that gradual focus to blur I'd like to see.

I'm not truly happy with this...but it's the best I can do today! 


  1. Well considering the effort you went through to get this shot - I would be satisfied as well :) I love the soft color palette and your choice of props.

  2. Beautiful the touch of blue.


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