Still Life

Beyond Beyond ~ Challenge Three

I felt rather out-of-sorts with this assignment and not because I needed to find different focal points in what I was shooting, but the thought process and setup of something to photograph just doesn't come easy to me. I can't tell you how many things I took photos of, but late last night my husband brought home flowers for me and this morning I just pulled out a piece, stuck it in a jar I just bought, grabbed my camera...and here it is. I even made the collage template!

I so admire Kim Klassen...who have the talent to turn everyday objects into works of art. They see differently than I do, but I'll continue to look for inspiration from them and practice, practice, practice!

Texture ~ Linda by Kim Klassen


  1. I love this color of green anyway and putting it all in a collage is wonderful.

  2. Lovely collage, Suzette !
    Happy Valentine's Day,

  3. Oh, I completely understand your feelings. I really struggle with still lifes - with turning "everyday objects into works of art". I agree that some people have a real knack for this type of photography. I also agree that we can hone our eye through practice. (But I'd much rather be standing in front of a glass-fronted building with lots of reflections :)

    In fact, I think you have done a fabulous job - maybe because you didn't think as much? Love your collage - my favorite image is the top left. I like the minimalmist feel of this image and the way you concentrated on the jar and stem rather than the flowers.

    1. I just figured out how to set up my blog in order to reply to posts. This is great! And thank you for your comments as always!

  4. So perfectly simple. I think you did a wonderful job with this!!!


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