Inside Out

Beyond Beyond ~ Challenge Four

This weeks challenge was to take something found most often inside...outside and photograph it. I tried shooting this little lamp several times during the day to see what kind of light I could find reflecting off the white shade. Full sunlight was to harsh and at dusk I plugged the light into a very long extension cord, but the 7-watt bulb didn't put out enough light to make it effective. Clouds moving across the sky in late afternoon covered the sun for a few moments and the diffused lighting worked best for this shot. 

The image was processed in RadLab and I used the Paperstained Music texture from Kim Klassen. I'm always amazed by the "ah-ha" moments I have when working on 2B challenges!


  1. Beautiful work with the texture....stunning photo! Love that flowery background:)

  2. Oh, I like this little white lamp, sitting so peacefully outdoors. It looks like it enjoyed its outside time. The soft, diffused lighting worked amazingly well. I like the contrast between the lamp and textures of the table and the background plantings - the way they frame the lovely curving shape. Beautiful work.

  3. It's a nice still life set-up. Thanks for sharing.


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