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I have a story to tell about this shirt...when the words come...I'll write.

The question was...Do we create or compete? My response was this:

"I didn't sleep well last night...worrying about some images I had selected to share in a postcard swap. There's a fine line in participating and competing and far more often than not, I find myself on the competing side of things. I think it's human to want recognition for what we put forth in the world, but when acknowledgment or a pat on the back becomes internalized as a need for acceptance or validation...our self-esteem suffers and our creativity suffers as well. This is where I find myself. I am trying to find my way, my place, my art. I can feel it within me, but my need for approval is getting in the way. I must begin to find myself on the creative side of the line...more often than not!"


  1. Love this image - the simplicity of the presentation and the gorgeous texturing. I can't wait for the story that goes with it.

    Your honest and thought-provoking answer really touched me. My initial instinct is competition and comparison - I am working on recognizing those feelings, then letting them go. But it's certainly not easy.

  2. I love what you've said here. I didn't elaborate in mine but after reading this, I could say I feel the same way. I think I'm at the point now where I'm beginning to do things for me. But I want to get out there and try to reach more people because I know I have something to share-although I'm still searching for that golden nugget-by expanding my horizon, I learn more about myself and my art. Thank you so much for this post and know that I enjoy what you do and it's inspiring.


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