Make It Golden

Day 85 ~ Beyond Layers

Fort Richardson ~ Hospital Window

This is not the best shot perhaps, but the assignment was to create a "golden" look to the image. 

I am fascinated by the old and abandoned, whether it be things or buildings and whether or not the site has been restored or kept in perfect decay as is seen at Bodie State Historical Park in California. This place, a fort hospital established in November 1867 in Jacksboro, Texas, has been restored and items of the period fill the offices, hospital wards, mess hall, and kitchen. I was most impressed by the height of the ceilings and also the number and size of the windows throughout the structure. Light streaming in played across the walls and floor, which must have had a cheering affect on the patients admitted following arduous battles with the Comanche and Kiowa Indians. 

Kim Klassen's tutorial illustrated the use of gradient maps, cross processing, and the gradient tool. 

I was especially in tune with the windows and light in the kitchen. Below are three images that really had me thinking about life and light in such a hot desolate place. 

Fort Richardson ~ Outside Kitchen Window

Fort Richardson ~ Inside Kitchen

Fort Richardson ~ Kitchen Detail


  1. You have definitely succeeded at your assignment - making it golden. I can certainly understand your attraction to this light. The tall windows are lovely, with the light streaming in, shining across all that honeyed wood and whitewashed walls. An ode to history.


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