Now You...

Day 24 ~ Beyond Layers

Day 23's assignment  was to think about and discuss why many of us are more comfortable behind the lens instead of in front of it. Many commented on feeling invisible for one reason or another for most of their lives and stepping in front of the camera was painful. I certainly can identify with many of the groups feelings and statements. I've always felt a bit invisible and I've learned to believe or have accepted that I may be a stepping stone for others...I help pave their way to their success or happiness. It's not a bad thing, not everyone can be the bell of the ball or the center of attention. 

But the question at hand is why do I stay or why am I more comfortable behind the lens. I stay out of the way of the camera lens because the image of me...doesn't reflect who I really am and somehow I'm always disappointed or shocked by the way I look. I like how I look from the inside looking out rather than a picture of me from the outside looking in. 

The assignment also suggests we post a self acknowledge and embrace ourselves as we are. I'm almost 62 years of age, but I'm going to take a self portrait...I need another perspective (a look from the outside) to like and believe in.


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