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Day 22 ~ Beyond Layers
If not now...then when?

     I don't want to be a sad-sack, but this question has triggered many thoughts for me...none of them very uplifting. I've glanced through all the comments already here (I'm behind) and I find most of them full of positivity. 
     These three questions came to my mind, the first of which was offered: 1. If not now, then when?, 2. If not now, then what?, and 3. If not now, then so what? I don't what to beat a dead horse, but I've commented on other assignments and in places maybe Kim might remember, about my move to Texas. As much as I support my husband's choice to take a position in Dallas, Texas and I agreed to move with him, it has been devastating. I left a job of 25 years, the state of Utah...and the red sand and sagebrush which brought me so much peace, a handicapped son and my other children and 6 grandchildren. With all the stress of the move I stopped working with my camera, stopped participating in "Beyond Layers," stopped working on my "Time Capsules" class, and I've misplaced much of my creativity. (I may be depressed!) I am now in limbo and living in a 25 foot trailer with two basset hounds...they can get pretty stinky! Our house, which is being built, has run into a property line dispute and all building has ceased until the city approves a variance. We may be in the trailer until September...!
     It took some courage, a leap of faith so to speak, to return to "Beyond Layers" and now I've spent over 24-hours pondering this assignments question, "If not now, then when?" and how it applies to me and how I can bring this truism into my life...right now, today! I can't say I know yet, but I'll begin by working daily on the "Beyond Layer" assignments. I have been inspired before the move and I trust it will happen again.

For anyone that reads this...thank you for listening!


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