Six of Fifty-Two

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I didn't do much shooting this week. I read a lot and thought a lot about my DPS Food Photography-Dessert assignment--what props would I need, where could I go shoot the photographs because I needed natural light, and what kind of dessert should I use. I knew it would take sometime, so I waited until Saturday to pull it all together. I knew Kneaders makes beautiful desserts and I had just been to Kneaders in Alpine, Utah, so I decided I'd head there to take the photographs. I asked Jill to meet me so I wouldn't feel to weird setting up the shots and dragging my tripod into the establishment.

We ordered the cookies and got settled. The light was perfect and we were working awhile before the owner came to ask what we were doing. I'd failed to ask permission to take pictures there. I think the Assistant Manager thought I was using all their displays (I did use a basket for the background), but I had brought dishes, table runner, and towel.

The photo above has been entered into the DPS contest. The photo at the bottom was my second choice...I love the color, but the composition isn't quite as good.

I've learned a lot this week and I'll just continue reading and experimenting. Note to self: get permission to photograph in business establishments.

Next assignment ~ Food Photography-Fruits and Vegetables


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