Seven of Fifty-Two Revisited

Barbed Wire
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Just another attempt to have the focus of this shot on the wire. I'll post a shot of the fence later, but we stopped by Grafton, Utah, a ghost town, again on our way home this morning for another attempt at capturing the feel of this forgotten place. The light was better and hopefully the images will take you back several decades so you can experience pioneer life. I'll add images to this post!

Grafton was one of several settlements begun along the Virgin River to grow cotton, part of Brigham Young's plan for Mormon self-sufficiency. In 1859, five families from Virgin settled one mile downstream of "modern-day" Grafton. Crops were planted, irrigation ditches dug and homes built. Three years later, in January 1862, a raging flood destroyed the infant town. The pioneers began again in 1862 on the present site. Beyond the fence is lies an old orchard.

Reflection of the Alonzo H. Russell Home circa 1862, in the window of the Louisa Marie Russell Home built between 1873 and 1879. Grafton, Utah


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