Eight of Fifty-Two

Last Snow on Grass?
Originally uploaded by desertskyblue
Not many shots taken this week as I've been "under the weather." I captured this one just yesterday after a brief snow storm blew through Utah County. I've learned a lot just in the past few days trying to photograph in all manual mode, which, as it turns out did not happen with this shot. I thought I was in all manual until this morning when I noticed the "button" didn't move when I thought I'd made the adjustment. I tried again this afternoon taking shots for my DPS assignment "Food Photography: Main Dish" and we'll see how they turn out and I'll add the one I choose to post for my assignment here by Tuesday.

I sold my sewing machine and quilt frame and I've put the money into savings for future camera equipment. I'm considering buying Photoshop and taking a full-blown class. I've taken online tutorials for my Photoshop Elements 6 program, but there are no in depth classes for PSE as it is considered intuitive or easy. I really need a good class in order to progress from here. PhotoShop is much harder, but at least classes are offered. The cost for PhotoShop is approximately $600. I'm wondering if I could get an educator discount? I'm wondering if my images are good enough yet to warrant the expenditure. There's always a lot to consider.


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