Nine of Fifty-Two

We still haven't had many crystal clear, blue sky, white puffy cloud days yet, but I took this shot during the week on a sunny afternoon. I also posted an image of my first sun flare this week. I hope you caught a glimpse of that one, but this shot was a lot of fun to create and the original isn't very impressive. For some reason, I felt it would look much better done with textures. I've upgraded my PSE with a Photoshop Elements 8 trial to see if I can use RAW files so I can try to see what I can do with HDR images. However, PSE doesn't have Mask capabilities so I'm not sure how that will go. I'll try to find something online to see how to handle that with HDR images. I'm going to post the original of this shot below so you can see where I started. This and landscapes my be my niche!


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