Two of Fifty-Two

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This week as been difficult for me to get out to take photos as the sky has been grey and murky and temps haven't been above 30 degrees. I need a good hat and gloves before I go out next week as the pain in my fingers from the cold becomes unbearable. I have a hat...I would just like a cuter one.

I've noticed an old shed along Geneva Road for the past several months. It's tucked back under some trees with a small corral in front, which is surrounded by a white weathered wooden fence and during this time of year, it appears dark and dank and you wonder what sort of things have been left inside this hidden place.

The old building sitting next to the shed, a rustic shelter, must have housed the original inhabitants of this ranch. An old bench sits outside, there's a fire ring and a hitching post for horses.

Many of my "Fifty-Two" shots will be taken along Geneva Road. An agency is working on redevelopment of this country lane that runs parallel to I-15 in Utah County. I have not seen the plans, but the road is likely to be widened and the look and feel of it today will be gone. If given the option, I've always taken Geneva Road to Pleasant Grove and beyond. The country feel...the old barns, rustic homes, and the view across pastureland to the lake, is a peaceful journey in another time.

I've chosen this image to post as my second of fifty-two because I learned a lot about using Layers in PSE. And, on this one, the original being very dark, I was able to change the lighting and accentuate the red on the buckboard, but if you look carefully underneath, I also brought back the green portions of the rig. I feel the old wood is a good representation of what I actually saw. The other fascinating lesson...the camera picks up detail and color that my eyes don't see!

Other views of the shed can be seen by clicking on the picture above, which will take you to my Flickr account. Then select the Geneva Road set.


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