Three of Fifty-Two

We took a ride on Saturday morning hoping to find blue sky and sunshine. We drove to Sterling, Utah and turned around at Palisade State Park where we spent some time...Danna reading and me trudging around in knee deep snow. The air was much cleaner there, but the sun would not cooperate. (I may post a picture that has slight tree shadows when the sun brightened for a minute or two. I'll work on it to see if I can bring out the shadows.)

As we drove to Sterling, we passed an old and falling down barn on the west side of the road. I noted the dark spaces in the gapping holes of the broken windows and the muted soft tones of grey, white and rust. The sun was rising behind the clouded sky and the light seemed too bright to stop and capture the image, but on our way home, Danna pulled off the road for me and I hopped out of the truck to take some shots. I crossed the highway and stepped up onto the plowed snow. It was hard at first, but with each step I took the snow gave way and, once again, I was knee deep in it. I thought I'd just stand by the fence to take pictures, but I just kept following a path of clear white snow that must have been a drive way or road and soon I found myself standing near the front of the barn. I would have liked to go in the barn! However, deep snow prevented me from leaving the track I was on. With snow that deep I didn't know what my feet might find...holes, metal, glass or rocks! With that said, I took several pictures from different angles standing on the "safe" road and I liked the look of this one the best.

This week I learned more about processing images. On this one, I adjusted the light level to make one layer very dark and changed the color saturation to bring out the deep orange brown of the rust. On the second layer I used the eraser tool to lighten the doorway to expose the features within the barn. I than changed the opacity, added a texture which is very slight, and merged the layers to create this image.

I'm still working on finishing up my PhotoShop Elements tutorial! I should finish it this week and then I'll just use the handbook when I have questions. Practice, practice, practice is what it will take now.

See you next week!


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