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Centered ~ Revisited
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I went out just once this week to take get some shots and I wasn't happy with any of them. However, I will post one of them because the photo is so much different that what I'm usually looking for.

I'm posting a shot I captured a week or so ago, but one that I've looked at a lot, posted once on flickr, Facebook, and DPS for Assignment: Centered Composition, deleted it from everywhere and began again. A friend graciously pointed out how much noise there was in my first post in the dark tones of the image. I believe part of the problem is in my camera when I photograph in the bracketed mode that I'm not choosing the correct setting, but I think the biggest part of the problem this time was when I processed it. I still have much to learn in that respect. I went back and looked at the original captures, choose the even exposure bias shot (where I found much less noise) and tweaked the lighting and voila. I'm finding that I'm better with images straight out of the camera (SOOC). I'll strive to learn photo processing because I've seen what you can do to make great shots perfect shots.

My goal this week is to photograph desserts for my DPS assignment. We'll see how that goes.

Below, is one of the shots I took this week trying to capture "streets" for the DPS assignment which ended last Tuesday night. The sun was setting creating the orange hue on the cement overpass.


  1. I really like this one! It's a beautiful shot. I like that the water is lighter where the reflection of the mountains is and darker where the reflection of the clouds is.


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