Myself in Reflection

Be Your Own Beloved ~ Day 6

I am behind in my Be Your Own Beloved challenges...My daughter and new baby came to town. The assignment was to capture our own reflection in a window or anywhere really and I'm using a photo I shot a few months ago in order to catch up. I love this image as it reminds me of my first trip to red sand in Texas...Caprock State Park. I would normally crop myself out of it, but actually I like this the way it is. It's me capturing what I like best...lonely and backroad towns.


  1. Well, you know how much I love reflections - love this magical mix of "in" and "out". I had to smile at your comment that you would normally crop yourself out - oh, don't I know all about THAT!

  2. This is a wonderful picture. So much going on and the colors are superb!
    Happy New Year!


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