Utah Sunflower

More practice with the textures I purchased from Melissa Gallo ~ Painted Textures! This only took all day. Between adjusting Lightroom to work with my new Photoshop CS6 and working with the new Photoshop...oh my gosh...I have a lot to learn. I have so many questions about CS6...sigh! And I'm new to Lightroom...It's good to keep my brain active...right?


  1. Oh, this is beautiful! One of my favorites ever. I finally am getting a grip on Lightroom, and now they have a new version that is very enticing. I just got CS6 this winter after taking an 8 week course, but keep using PSE 11 because it's so familiar to me.

    1. Hi Karen...

      I have PSE 11 too and there's so much I like about it. So far, CS6 is a bit frustrating...I can't find things. I know it's more that I really need, but my husband is an educator so for a year I can use it for $20 a month. I'll be keeping my PSE 11 handy. I'm glad you like the image...I hope to learn more about this technique.

      Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. Active brain - good! Regardless of how long this took, the result is quite stunning! Such a beautiful painterly feel. All the negative space is delightfully filled with that gorgeous painted texture.

    If there is something that I can help with regarding CS6, email me and let me know. I had three college courses in Photoshop - I can't imagine trying to teach it to myself. Wishing you luck! (Can't help with LR - I use Bridge instead.)

    1. Hi Brenda,

      I know what you mean...CS6 is going to be tough. There are similar things in PSE 11, but everything is in a different place or just plain done differently. I have a lot to learn. The only reason I got CS6 is that my husband is an educator and I'm able to use it through the Cloud for $20 a month. I'm keeping my PSE 11 handy in case I don't get along with the heavyweight. I may take you up on your offer and ask questions. I'm sure I won't be using it like you do. One of my Flickr contacts said he's been using it for 10 years and is still learning things...that scares me! :o) I may ask you about the Bridge. I've used it before when it was attached to PSE 7. I loved it. I'm finishing up on a tutorial about Lightroom...so I'm feeling a bit more comfortable with it.

      I'm glad you like the photo...I have a lot to learn.

      Have a wonderful Sunday and Father's Day!

  3. The end results of your labour were very well worth it - this is gorgeous. You are tempting me to go and buy those textures.

  4. Beautiful. It was well worth the time investment.
    Yes, we need to keep our brain exercised and Adobe sure knows how to give us the equipment to do that!


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