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Beyond Beyond ~ Challenge Two

The lesson today was about capturing depth of field and how that's determined by the aperture we choose when shooting was a bit of a refresher course for me, but as recently as December 2012, I had an "ah ha" moment about aperture. Kim Klassen's tutorial has me thinking about the apertures I select and how it affects the artistic quality of the image. My goal this year is to learn more about the features and options of my Canon EOS 60D. I currently shoot in aperture priority mode, but it's time to acquire the skills to use manual mode. 

Kim also gave us this image to process. In her demonstration she used Lightroom 4. I downloaded a 30-day trial and fumbled my way through it and then exported the photo to Photoshop Elements 11 to add text and texture...another steep learning curve!

The quote is from a little book my mom gave me in 1990 titled "A Gathering of Wishes" by Flavia. I'd misplaced it for many years, but found it while unpacking here in Texas. I'm so grateful to have it on my bookshelf once again. 


  1. Both learning to shoot in manual mode, and learning about LR4 were on my bucket list last year and they both have made a huge improvement in my photography and processing! You will love both!! Beautiful work on Kim's photo! I like the softness very much!

  2. oh my... Suzette...
    bravo for diving into LR4.... it's a total game changer. :) i think you could love it....this image is lovely....

    wonderful that you are hitting manual mode.... I use both but tend to use Aperture a lot.... for my work...and adjust with the exposure compensation.....

    it's awesome when the whole exposure things comes together..... my brain doesn't always think very well about stuff like that.... hah... but understanding it is so helpful....

    happiest rest of your week...xo

  3. Hi Suzette. I just recently found your blog through the 2B course. So nice to see you here too! Good on you for trying LR and planning to do more in manual. This year I have decided to discover and try way more new techniques to expand my photography. So far a lot of them have to do with longer exposures since I am living in a sailboat on the water. But I have a long list of things to learn and try. That keeps us fresh and engaged, don't you think?

  4. There is always more to learn about this art form, isn't there?Kudos for taking on LR. Lovely processing result on this image.

    (I always shoot in Aperture Priority but it's what works with my style and choice of subject.)

  5. Really beautiful, Suzette. So nice to see a Flavia quote. They have always appealed to me and I have kind of forgotten about them.

  6. I really like your processing of the image. Love that quote too!

  7. You have given me the inspiration to download a trial month of Lightroom too....if my computer can take it!

  8. What a beautifully simple image. Love the monochrome and your use of dof here. Well done!


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