Day 20 ~ Beyond Layers

"As artists, we wish we could always work well, but we must settle for working always. The 'always' we can control. The 'well' we cannot control. For this reason, we do well to simply serve, to focus more on the process of doing our work than on the 'product' of work produced." 
Julia Cameron's Artist Way

Right now I am pretty much absent from flickr. Why? I'm afraid if I don't get a ton of comments or if my image isn't "Explored," then it isn't worth much. Our challenge from Kim Klassen today is to realize and believe how false this thinking is and how dangerous it is to creativity. With that said, I'm posting my most recent iPhone images, MY favorites, on flickr as well as here in my blog. Scroll down to see all of them. This is my favorite of the series.


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