devyn & donuts

Day 14 of Beyond Layers was about converting an image to black and white and then bringing out some color in the image. Kim Klassen used a white flower in a vase and brought back the subtle yellow in the middle of the daisy. Because I'm so behind on my class project in Time Capsules, I chose to use an image I had. This photo is Devyn eating a pink donut at Lamar's in Colorado.

We also were taught about brushes (stamps) and text. One of these days very soon, I'm going to create my own watermark for my images and save it as a "brush" to use on future photography projects.

Kim Klassen's ability to share concepts of photo processing is absolutely wonderful. I'm glad I found her classes...not sure how I did, but truly blessed that I did!

To view the image large...just click on it!


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