Provo Florist ~ Storyboard

I am so excited about this week's "Beyond Layers" assignments. We were tutored about "Time Capsules" and "Storyboards" and given a challenge to photograph something with our cameras turned toward natural light (I haven't quite gotten that one done...we have shutters so I have no window sills to speak of), anyway, the last thing Kim said was, once you have your images in the story board template you can apply any of your favorite ACTIONS! Actions...I didn't have any actions nor did I know where to find them or how to load them into PSE 9. I've spent the whole day on this project (luckily my husband is in Texas), but I figured it out. Hooray. I am loving this...I'm out of my comfort zone and it feels good!


  1. this my friend is truly lovely!!

    clapping my hands for you!! Bravo....

    xo, Kim

  2. this is wonderful! perseverance pays off!


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