I Looked Into That Empty Bottle and I Saw Myself ~ Grace Metalios

Response to today's Beyond Layers assignment!

Thank you for this precious lesson this morning. I am already emotional as I'm getting ready to send my husband back to Texas where he works and lives...I hope to join him soon. 

I was standing in Target this morning, in the cracker aisle, when my daughter-in-law, who is disabled, called to say a representative from Intermountain Health Care would be calling me to arrange for payment for the pelvic ultrasound she needs. Leita is married to my son who is intellectually handicapped and suffers from seizures. He does not work. My son, Casey, is lucky to be covered by Medicaid, but Leita is not and her medical bills need to be paid at the time of service in order to get a discount, which makes no sense to me, but that is another conversation. My husband and I have paid for most of her medical bills and as I stood in the cracker aisle, I found myself getting very angry, that once again, we'd need to come up with the money for her medical care.

Your words, "This week, find someone to bless…. a smile, a gentle word……a small gift....pause and give thanks for your blessings..... " has changed me. Of course, we'll help, but having a better attitude about service makes for a more cheerful heart.

The two people I can bless...bless me. I have been privileged to have Casey as a son and amazed at the unconditional love shared between these two people. 

Thank you Kim! I am reminded how blessed and grateful I am for life's challenges.


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