Flowers for Mom

I created this image specifically to add to Sara's Garden, a Flickr group dedicated to support friends and family who struggle with an illness. Sara's Garden is a place to post images dedicated to those who struggle with afflictions of all sorts and/or as a memorial to those who have passed.

My 90-year old mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer and because of her age chemotherapy and radiation therapies are not an option for her. She will undergo surgery in a few days and she believes all will be well as she recuperates. I'll be spending three weeks in California with her and we'll take a walk in Yosemite National Park before she goes to hospital. She is an amazing woman. I can only hope I'll be as healthy as she has been when I'm her age.

If you read this...she would appreciate all the positive thoughts you can send the universe in her behalf. 

Insert grateful sigh here...


  1. Oh my 90 and having to face this but it sounds like she has a positive attitude which is something I understand is really needed for this. So glad you are going to be with her. Many thoughts for a wonderful recovery.

  2. My thoughts are with you both. May her surgery be successful. May your walk together in the beauty of nature sustain you both through the challenges ahead.

  3. Keeping you and your mother in my prayers! Have a wonderful week together; what a special place to be.


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