Still Life ~ Two

Our challenge from Kim Klassen's "The Studio" was to include a "cuppa" in our still life image. For this assignment I did have to go to Anthropology to buy this cup. I don't drink coffee or tea and the only cups we have in our house are very masculine as my husband is the only person using them. I must say...visiting Anthropology could become an addiction for me.

In my own critique of my work here, I'd say I don't like the top and bottom of the image where the tray creates a border. I do need to find a faux table top sort of thing so I have more room to work in. Also, the light in my home is very limited. In Texas, because of the heat, a blue film is added to the windows to reflect the light away from the glass to prevent higher temperatures inside. I'll need to become more creative with light.


  1. I like the way you have arranged everything so that (except for the tray) everything is on a diagonal - which creates real interest and movement through the image. My favorite detail is the fallen leaf - love that bit of "imperfection".

  2. Lovely Suz. I too love the fallen leaf, that is really awesome! I don't mind the lines of the tray. Hard to believe you have blue film on your windows, I put tin foil on my bedroom windows, cannot do in the front but it helps for sleep and keeping the room cooler. Very pretty!


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