Still Life ~ One

I'm participating in The Studio offered by Kim Klassen. It's a year long course and I'll be introduced to many new things. This time we were given two presets to experiment with in Lightroom 5. 

There are several things about this image I would do differently next time. I can count on one hand the number of Still Life images I've taken since picking up my camera. First, I would place the cup a bit lower in the image. I tried to keep that bit of lace in the image...I should have adjusted my camera to give myself more wiggle room so that when I cropped the image I'd have some leeway in creating the composition.

Before the class began, I was able to make a trip to McKinney, Texas to wander through the antique stores there. I did find the spoon and linen. The cup and saucer were my mother's. She is still alive and doing well at 90-years old and I'm grateful she gave these to me. I've carried them around with me for years...looks like they'll come in handy now. It will take some practice in learning how to use props...and several more trips to McKinney I'm sure.

I'm looking forward to participating in this group of talented people. I know they'll teach me so much!


  1. I can't wait to follow along with your Still Life journey. This is something for which I have absolutely NO talent - this arranging of things in to a pleasing composition. But already, with your first one, I am in awe. I love the repetition of the rose - both on the ceramics and in the dried rose itself and the way the coloring reminds me of a dried rose. Beautiful! You go, girl!

  2. You are off to a great start here Suzette, love the memories this cup has and it will make for some lovely still lifes for sure. Beautiful image.

  3. If you are new to still life work this is a great beginning. We can always see what we need to do after the fact.


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