I'm playing with some new textures I purchased. This is my first attempt at using a texture from the Butter Paint Collection created by Melissa Gallo of Painted Textures. I hope to get more bold with the way I process images. Melissa has also created a canvas set I may purchase once I'm more comfortable with this series. I love the bright happy tones of this shot. Just outside our home, in the "Wild Space," all sorts of flowering weeds are brightening the green landscape. 


  1. Suzette - I love this experimentation! The texture creates a lovely painted effect on the soft background which serves to highlight the pink thistle - which is featured in all its prickly glory. I look forward to further playtime results.

  2. Exquisite soft beauty!! Love the colors here. So romantic and painterly!

  3. Just stunning! As I'm catching up with your posts, I find one image after another that makes me go, Ahhh!


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