Blossom by Suzette ~ desertskyblue
Blossom, a photo by Suzette ~ desertskyblue on Flickr.

The challenge this week (assignment 2) was to: Think of one single word, mood or thought…… and then set out to create a photo around your theme. Kim talked about lenses, light, aperture, and DOF...and I had one heck of a time putting it all together.

I selected my "word" a few days ago and because I don't do a lot of still life photography, I don't have many beautiful things to work with around the, I thought, I'll go get something because I know whatever I buy...I'll use again. Well, $50 dollars later, I came home with some wonderful items (that I'm sure I'll need for the remainder of my class) and I started taking pictures in my DIY light box with my shutters wide open letting in as much natural light as I could coax in. I just struggled and struggled. I got out the little booklet that came with my camera...researched a few things...and I spent several hours trying to capture just the right thing. Finally, I just put it all away and I just let it go.

Whenever I go to the local grocery store, I take a picture, with my iPhone, in the floral department. Kim has been talking about "keeping it simple" and when I looked at this image on my iPhone...I thought "It can't get any more simple than this." I exported the image from my iPhone to my computer, added the "word" I had selected days before and applied the texture Kim gave us to use. Life is hectic for me right now and I simply needed to get my homework done...! it is...the best I could do this week.


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