Twenty of Fifty-Two

Chromatic Aberration ~

Again, another late post! I got out on Sunday to grab a few shots. There's a house on Geneva Road that sits back a bit from the road and is very old and overgrown with weeds and tall grasses. I stopped to use the wide angle lens to see what I could do to capture the tops of all the Dandelions and the old white house in the morning light. I noticed an old wire fence in the back of the property and plowed my way through the knee high weeds to take a better look. I shot many images of the fence from all different angles with my 50 mm lens. As I sifted through all the fence photos, I liked the one posted here on the left the best. I've learned before you take a lot of time on an image you should first look at the picture in the actual pixel size. When I did, I noticed all the chromatic aberration. This shot is not linked to flickr, so you can't view it large, but if you look closely you can see a line of purple along the top of the fence post and green surrounding the barbed wire. I cannot use this photo because of the CA.

I decided to try it again, so the next day, I stopped by the little white house, made my way through the knee high weeds to the back of the lot. This time I even took my tripod. Below is the image I liked best on day two of trying to capture something at this site.This shot has the same problem of chromatic aberrations. If you look carefully at this one, you'll see purple on the barbed wire. I especially like this image, because of the bokeh in the background, the grass and wildflowers in the foreground and the perspective of the fence.

So, I got on the computer, found the definition of chromatic aberration and read why it happens and how to prevent it. The only suggestion I found was to try the shot using a different focal length. Remember, I used my fixed lens...the 50!

It rained today, but I'm headed back to the little white house as soon as it dries out a bit. I'm hoping to use a shot of this fence for my "Fence Friday" post. I'll let you know how it goes.


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