Eighteen of Fifty-Two

This post is unbelievably late. I got out to shoot a few images last Sunday. I wanted to find a fence so I could participate in "Fence Friday" and I'd noticed the back of an old building whose front is on Center Street in Provo (voted the most boring city in Utah...is anyone surprised?) and I wanted to stop by to see it in more detail. As it turns out, it was a cold morning with a lot of clouds in the sky and rain on the ground. I can't tell you how much I hate frozen fingers while working with my camera.

Anyway, I found the fence easily enough as I seen it many times while depositing Sunset View Elementary's money in Central Bank. I spent many minutes working on a shot there and then I drove over to the old building I'd seen days before. At first I couldn't find my way to the back of the thing as alleyways were blocked off with all sorts of "fences," but I could see there was a way to get there. As I arrived at the building, my first thoughts were of Shane Moss ~ Rampant Photos. Shane has some wonderful urban decay images in his body of work and this building reminded me of an image he shot in Salt Lake City a few months ago. Shane has this great knack for shooting images that include power lines...there are more than a few in this image.

My whole point for choosing to post this photograph, and it has not been processed in anyway, is to say that I have become somewhat interested in High Dynamic Range (HDR) images. I'm still not sure I can pull it off with PSE8, but I've seen images posted by other photographers who've used Photomatix and PhotoShop Elements to create fabulous images. With that said, I bought Photomatix for Mother's Day and I shot several similar images of this photo in RAW to try to create an HDR image I like. We'll see what happens and I'll post it for week Nineteen of Fifty-Two.


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