Love Notes

Outside the Garden Gate ~ Postcard

I'm participating in another postcard swap called Love Notes. What fabulous about this project is that we are given writing prompts and we share our postcards with just one person...our partner. It seems a really fun way to meet and share things with someone you don't know, in another part of the world, with differing religions possibly, and maybe with someone much younger or older than yourself. 

The first writing prompt is that we are to begin our writing with the words "Hello Beautiful." I have done that and here is what I wrote:

Hello Beautiful,

I’ll begin with a quote…”The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.” Elizabeth Gilbert – Big Magic

It seems to be such a cruel trick that we must look so hard to find our inner beauty, our gift, our talent, or our purpose for being here on this planet. But, at unexpected times I bet you can feel it, welling up inside you, and in those moments…seconds maybe, such sweet emotion and joy fills your being and you know why you’re alive and all of life is beautiful. In those split seconds we’re in touch with the jewels placed so deep within us…the inherent beauty our creator gave us all. 

You are beautiful. It lies within you. “Beautiful things happen because of beautiful people.” Flavia

I find it interesting that my partner, Heather Johnson, lives in Texas. Small world.


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