Roses for Sara

Notes From The blog...started years ago to share travel stories with my the family. It has progressed to this, whatever this is, with not much in the way of any regular posts along the way. I'm going to try to change that. In platforms where I share my photography, Flickr and Facebook, I post under the name of StoryWorks by Suzette. There is a story to each of the images I take, process and share. For my family and maybe one person that follows this blog...or used to anyway...I'll begin my storytelling.

Having moved to Grantsville, Utah almost a year ago, we vowed to participate in the small community events of Grantsville and Tooele. We took a 16 week Master Gardeners class that began in January 2017. Once a year the Master Gardener folks host a garden tour in June and we spent an entire day visiting gardens of all sizes and themes. 

At the end of the day at our final stop, pink climbing roses hung from the branches of a tree. The sunlight, filtered by the leaves of the tree, highlighted the soft pink of the rose petals. I thought of Sara who is a fight against cervical cancer that has effected a few "odd spots" in her body. She'll undergo surgery in a few days, the first of two, that will change how she lives her life for awhile. As I write, it's late, I can't sleep as I'm thinking of Sara.

I'll share this image on Flickr in a group created for Sara in 2010 when she fought her cancer for the first time. It's my way of dealing with the sadness that comes when a son's wife and two daughters are struggling with such a scary uncertain future. I don't know how to help my son Chris except to offer to sit with him while Sara is in surgery. I sat with him the first time, but somehow it's different this time. I want to be there. He might rather be alone.

You can visit Sara's Garden here.


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