The Baker Hotel

Mr. Baker's Chair

Years ago, while dating my now husband of eight years, I came to Texas for the first time to visit and see where he'd spent 40 years of his life. It's a long story how I became aware of the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas, but it was the one place I knew I wanted to check out.

The Baker Hotel was completed in 1929 and quickly became a top tier destination because of the reported natural healing affects of the mineral water. The hotel is 14-stories tall with 450 guest rooms. In its day it also had 2 ballrooms, bowling alley, a gymnasium, and an outdoor pool. Ice cold water was delivered to each room by a hydraulic system said to be way ahead of its time. The rooms were air conditioned by the 1940's. What is most amazing to me is that when one left his/her room, the latch would turn off all electricity to the room to save power.

I've been to Mineral Wells, Texas many times to photograph the outside of the hotel as it has been vacant since closing its doors in 1972. The doors and windows are boarded shut and evidence of vandalism can be seen everywhere and more and more damage is noticeable each time I return. 

As it turns out, my son-in-law's family owns a share in the hotel. In April 2014, my daughter and her family came to Texas and we were allowed in the building by a city official. 

For me this was an answer to prayer. I wanted so badly to walk inside the hotel, but I wanted to walk there legally. I wanted to see the beauty of the hotel in all its glory...even the majesty in its decay. As we entered the hotel, the light faded away behind us. We walked in the dark until we reached the third floor where light came in through broken glass and a Texas spring morning breeze blew through the rooms. I was enthralled by Mr. Baker's hotel.

Outside The Baker Hotel 2013

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  1. I love your series of shots from here! Great work!

  2. Oh, I LOVE this. It's fascinating to see that shredded chair so carefully propped up in that empty room. Perhaps Mr. Baker's ghost sits there.

  3. Wonderful of you share such heartfelt project with us!

  4. I love this story - of how you were able to go inside such a wonderful place. How lucky you are, to have had this opportunity! That shot of the outside of the hotel is one of my all-time favorites. It is so wonderful when we are given the chance to capture something that inspires us.

  5. I would have loved to be with you on this adventure. Old boarded up places are so intriguing.

  6. What a lovely story! And I love the photograph of the faded chair. So much character! And, oh, that beautiful light!


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