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Who knew that when she started out...a young bride, life would take her down a path she least expected. As a single mother of three and a baby on the way, she read an article about poverty and promptly enrolled at Utah Valley University a few months after her baby was born. Her major...math education! I marveled at her strength and conviction as one by one she completed her classes and found herself on the Dean's List each semester. All she needed to do to finish her education was...student teach.

All of us deal with tough times and tragedy in different ways. It seemed she had dealt with her ex-husband's betrayal and had accepted where she found herself, but not until she began her student teaching...the beginning of the end of her college career, did she fall apart. This is not what she had imagined herself doing. She was about to move into the real world of single parenthood and a full-time job. There were countless phone calls...all desperate. Her life was coming down around her. We made arrangements for her to travel to Texas for a long weekend, which gave her something to look forward time and some much needed rest.

It was an easy choice when selecting this month's Photo-Heart Connection image. This is my daughter Jill. We used the color photo for her graduation announcements. She is now in a happier place and completing her course work. She'll graduate May 1, 2014 and we'll all be there to applaud her...and her four children, but like all of us, she'll have many more struggles and as she deals with each circumstance she'll become stronger and able to deal with "the real world." 

She is certainly loved and admired by me!

Penny for her thoughts...

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  1. Wonderful photo and story and I definitely see why that pulls on your momma heartstrings. Congratulations to Jill for completing her courses with that huge family load as well. Best wishes to her!

  2. Your daughter is beautiful! You must be so proud of her for overcoming these obstacles and making a new life! Thank you for sharing this heartfelt story -- so perfect for your photo-heart connection.

  3. Thank you for sharing her story - and yours.

  4. What strength! And what an inspiring story. I so admire what your daughter has accomplished - what a role model she is for her children. Thanks for sharing - your heart is obviously brimming with love and pride. She is so lovely - like mother, like daughter :)

  5. Such beautiful strength shows up, in your words and photographs. We can't always plan where we end up in life, so it's how we respond that matters. She is lucky to have you there to support her and respect her. Thank you for sharing her inspirational story and beautiful photographs with us in the Photo-Heart Connection. I wish her all the best.

  6. Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter, her strength and your PHC. Perfect.

  7. Beautiful story and daughter! Wonderful PHC!

  8. she is beautiful, and her strength is felt through your words.


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